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Welcome to the Beaulieu College Alumni page.

BC Alumni Logo 10 YEAR REUNION 20192

We invite the Class of 2009 (if you are still in the country!) to join Kent Muller and other alumni of your year.  We look forward to seeing you at the 10-year reunion!  Imagine looking back ten years ago when you were all sitting in the hall just finish writing your last English Examination paper!

10th Anniversary Alumni Gathering 2019.  A flashback in time 2009 26 October 2009! Sweating it out!


Derby Day 2019!

Thank you for visiting your Alma Mater!

Alumni Stanford Derby 24

Keep in touch!

We continue to get information about our alumni.  Thank you for keeping in touch with Beaulieu College. We would appreciate any news and achievements since you left Beaulieu College!  Have you graduated and which university did you attend?  Did you go overseas for a dynamic work experience?  Tell us what you have been doing with your life.  Are you now married?

We are always delighted to receive visits from our Alumni members.  It means so much to see our Alumni return.

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Luca de Bellis and Anastatia Vorisek pays a visit in 2019

Beaulieu College Supporters Club.

The highlight of the "Supporters' Season" is the every popular Derby days during our winter sport calendar.  Our supporters are invited to join us at all the Home and Away Derby days when we celebrate our sport.

If you are not in the 'green', remember that all supporters wear will be on sale at all the home Derby days.  Supporters' items are sold by members of the Parent Teacher Forum.