Beaulieu College Newsletter - 15 February 2019

It is already February, and as we look back at January, it is amazing how much has already happened at Beaulieu College.

The fear of the new, the anticipation of the unknown, and the excitement of the unexplored is now behind us. The Grade 8s are already into their routine, with primary school a distant memory and college life now the norm. The councillors have established their place in the hierarchy and the teachers are well into their syllabuses as February begins to unfold.

Just as we think summer sport is under control, we begin to start looking at the winter sport season, with the start of pre-season hockey, netball and rugby.

One of my areas of responsibility is security at our College. A lot of time, effort and money is spent on this as the safety of the premises, buildings, facilities and most importantly the pupils and staff is of the utmost importance to us all. Regular meetings are conducted with our security company to ensure that we are all working towards the same goal. This means that practical issues are addressed such as ensuring that alarms and gates are working and fences are in good order.

There is an extensive network of cameras, a ‘safe room’, a variety of size lockers, and the very secure iPad lockers to ensure that pupils are able to secure their possessions during the school day. Pupils are encouraged to not leave their kit bags, electronic devices and valuables lying on the corridors, but to make use of these options. However, pupils have not been using the offered facilities, which has resulted in belongings going missing.

Unfortunately it is an impossible task for the College staff to keep track of pupils’ belongings; assistance is provided when an item does go missing, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the pupils themselves to ensure that their possessions are secured while they are busy during the day. We continue to encourage pupils to be vigilant and to be responsible for their belongings on an ongoing basis. The Grade 8s would have received their iPad lockers by the middle of next week, and there are a large number of the normal lockers still available. These lockers are large enough to store sports bags and school bags. Please speak to Mrs Roux in the front office to arrange a locker.

Finally, the College is a busy place with something new and exciting about to happen. I encourage the pupils to enjoy their time here, embrace the challenges and not be afraid to try something new.

Mr G Kenyon
Senior Deputy Head

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